ON GRID SOLAR Power System

On-Grid Systems are PV systems that are connected directly to the Grid & it works only if Grid is available - whether for utility, commercial,
residential or standalone buildings. The main advantage of this system is to generate your own electricity and reduce dependency on Grid

  • When Solar PV System produce less power than the requirement, grid automatically supports it and send required power to the load.

  • Alternatively, when solar Generation exceeds then the requirement, it will automatically send excess power generated back to the grid in exchange for utility credit.

  • BESOLAR is a specialist in the design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance of ON- GRID solar PV systems for a wide range of application (i.e. Residential, Commercial, industrial, oil & Gas etc.). Be-Solar design ON-GRID systems as per Client requirement & DEWA Standards ensures that scaling-up of projects capacities is easily achieved. The assembly methodology has been optimized to ensure a fast and economic installation that can be completed Very Easy.